The bestselling guide to getting ahead in our new financial world

Why is everything from cars to coffee suddenly getting more expensive?

How can the government produce billions out of thin air while your savings are shrinking?

And what can you do to get ahead in a time of economic chaos?

Find out in the revised and updated version of this instant number 1 bestseller.

Released 30 March 2023 as a hardcover, audiobook, and ebook.

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More about the book

For centuries, working hard and saving up diligently would have set you up for financial security and a comfortable retirement. Not anymore.

Over the last 50 years, we’ve entered a new financial world – one where your savings lose value faster than you can build them, a global mountain of debt piles up ever higher, and most people slip backwards however hard they try.

In The Price of Money, a leading investment expert explains what’s changed – and what you should do now we’re here.You’ll learn why currencies the world over have lost 99 per cent of their value, and how to use future declines to your advantage. You’ll understand how the government can produce hundreds of billions out of thin air, and which investments benefit when they do. Most importantly, you’ll be shown what’s coming next – and how to position yourself to gain rather than suffer.

You don’t need even the slightest knowledge of economics to read this book – just a desire to understand why the world of money is working against you, and what to do about it.

Praise for The Price Of Money

This brilliant book offers a singularly clear, accessible and funny introduction to where our economic malaise has come from – and how understanding it can help any of us make better financial decisions. I cannot recommend it highly enough. – IAIN DALE, LBC PRESENTER

A tour of the nuts and bolts that hold the economy together is not supposed to be interesting, but Rob Dix makes it fascinating. This is a bracing ride through the unexpectedly wild world of money. – ED CONWAY, SKY NEWS

An excellent primer for those who ever wondered how the financial system and economy really works – filled with knowledge that will help you make better money decisions in your own life, too. – LAURA WHATELEY, FINANCIAL AUTHOR

A pithy and punchy guide that enables in a very engaging and readable manner the essentials of modern finance and economics. It is profoundly useful for anyone wanting to understand why the current global economy is in such a mess as inflation and debt soars around the world,  and what it might mean for your own finances.– GILLIAN TETT, FINANCIAL TIMES

Very little affects your quality of life more than money – and it’s hard to get and to keep if you don’t really understand how it works. After you’ve read Rob Dix’s short, sharp introduction, you will know more than most ordinary people about how money works – and also (I’m sorry to say) rather more than most Cabinet ministers too. – MERRYN SOMERSET WEBB

Dix has produced as lucid and comprehensive account of money and its pitfalls as you are likely to find. In an age of elevated prices it is highly relevant to all our lives. – ALEX BRUMMER, DAILY MAIL

Refreshing, entertaining, approachable and informative… As an investor I enjoyed and learned from every page and know other readers will too. – EILEEN BURBRIDGE, PASSION CAPITAL

I’ll be honest and say that I felt a little out of my depth reading a book that is solely focussed on money as I believe my knowledge of it to be minimal if almost non existent. However, after reading this book I can honestly say that it has blown my mind.
-– Derek Allen
“This book is invaluable. Rob has a unique ability to make complex subjects easy to understand and even inject a little humour / lightheartedness at times!” -– Marian McMenamin
Makes the complicated simple, cuts away the jargon so you can see for yourself the farcical monetary system we now have in place thanks to the manipulations of the rich and powerful – cue the riots! –- Barry
“Rob has cleverly explained everything we need to know about money in such a way that anyone could understand how the the financial world works and why it is in the position it is today. This book has made me feel more confident about my financial intelligence and as a result I am also more confident about making the investments I plan to in the near future.” — Charlotte Barnard
“Written in a style which makes some fairly complex concepts far easier to absorb than any economist could ever do, in a language which is easy to understand when coupled with real life examples. The news headlines may seem scary (which they are intended to be) but sticking your head in the sand is not a viable option if you want to navigate the choppy waters we are currently faced with”
-– Gareth Broom
I have spent 15 years in finance and Rob’s book gives you all the facts in a very practical way. This is also a book all our children should read so they can make sense and prosper in the world.
-– Derek Rokoszewski
Superb – I could not put this book down! This book is going straight onto my recommendations list. I started reading the book this morning and just had to keep going to the end.
-– Phil
It now makes sense! What a great read. Economics has always been something I’ve never quite understood properly and never knew where to go to learn. This book has explained everything in clear, simple language and it makes a lot of sense. Totally recommend this to anyone
–- Bendois

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Rob Dix started investing as a hobby using his spare cash, but soon became obsessed. Over the next ten years, he would do everything he could to educate himself about the financial world and to pass on what he learnt.

Today, Rob is one of Britain’s best-respected finance experts. Whether he’s presenting The Property Podcast (Britain’s most-downloaded investment podcast) or writing his weekly property column for The Sunday Times, Rob is on a mission to teach the world about how money, the economy and investment really work.

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